Date: March 2, 1937

Location: West Central Ohio

Magnitude: 5.0

Milwaukee Sentinel, Wednesday, March 3, 1937.

Earthquake Shakes 5 Middle West States. CHICAGO, March 2 - (Universal)

The earth's crust played cosmic ouija board with five Middle West states today as distinct earth tremors were registered on seismographs between Chicago and New York.

The earthquake centered in southern Ohio, but perceptible shocks were felt in almost every city and town in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky as well. No real damage occurred, but at some points downtown buildings were shaken, pictures were knocked askew and breakfast coffee cups rattled. School children were dismissed when they became frightened at Zanesville and Anna, Ohio.


Milwaukee was affected slightly by an earthquake which occurred yesterday at 8:45 a. m. and the center of which apparently was felt chiefly in Ohio, although even there no damage was done.

Mrs. Marvin Lemkuhl and Mrs. Edward C. Williams, who live in an apartment building at 1717 E. Kane Place, felt their chairs move under them, and Mrs. Lemkuhl saw other objects move.

The Schroeder hotel shook slightly.

There was a violent movement of the needle of the seismograph at Marquette university.

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