Date: March 8, 1937

Location: West Central Ohio

Magnitude: 5.4

Milwaukee Journal, Tuesday, March 9, 1937.

Second Quake Is Felt Here.
Recorded by Marquette's Tremor Detector; Originated in Northwest Ohio.

For the second time in a week, Milwaukee was shaken slightly shortly before midnight Monday by an earthquake that was felt over eight mid-western states. No damage was reported, although the tremor was of greater intensity than that of last week.

Many persons called police and newspaper offices here, reporting the minor effects of the disturbance. Most of the calls came from the north and west sides. Pictures and mirrors on the walls of some homes were displaced, and dishes were shaken on shelves.

The center of the earthquake was fixed in northwest Ohio, in the same locality that originated last Tuesday's quake. Residents of Anna, Ohio, reported that chimneys toppled by last week's quake and since repaired, were felled again by Monday night's tremors.

The disturbance was recorded for three and one-half minutes, beginning at 11:48 p. m., on the Marquette University seismograph, according to the Rev. Joseph Carroll, head of the physics department.

Priests at Marquette reported the tremor was distinctly noticeable on the upper floors of their residence.

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