Date: August 9, 1947

Location: South-Central Michigan

Magnitude: 4.7

Milwaukee Sentinel, Sunday, August 10, 1947, page 1.

Heaviest Midwest Quake Hits City; Five States Jarred.
Rocks Under Lake Breaking, Says Fr. Carroll.

Milwaukee had its second earthquake in three months last night sharing the tremor with at least four other Midwestern states. The shock did not appear as sharp here as the one which rocked the city last May 6, but it was described by a Chicago seismologist as "bigger than ever experienced before in the midwest area."

The quake came at 8:47 p. m., CST, and was felt in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana as well as Wisconsin. There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

The Rev. Joseph Carroll, S.J., head of the Marquette University science department, was visiting in Beloit and was unable to furnish observations from the university seismograph.


He speculated, however, that the center of the disturbance was probably somewhere in Lake Michigan. Still a third tremor may come as an aftermath, he thought, but it would probably be of even less intensity than last night's quake. Father Carroll said nothing had been noticed at Beloit, and there were no immediate reports from other Wisconsin points.

Reports came in quickly from all points in the county immediately after the shock ranging from Cudahy to Hampton Rd. Rattling dishes, swaying mirrors and lamps and sinking feelings were the run of the reports.

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