David Buck

David D. Buck

Emeritus Professor

Mailing Address:

3559 N. Summit Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Phone: (414) 964-8681
e-mail: davebuck@uwm.edu


Ph.D., Stanford University, 1972

Current Research Interests:

19th and 20th century Chinese History

Recent Publications:

中国的城市变迁;1890-1949 山东济南的政治于发展。Beijing: Beijing Universityty Press, 2010. Chinese translation of Urban Change in China: Politics and Development in Tsinan, Shandong, 1890-1949. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1978 with a new introduction. Translated by 张汉Zhang Han, 金桥Jin Qiao and 孙淑霞Sun Shuxia.

“李鸿章于袁世凯对山东巡抚周馥施政方针的影响 “ The Influence of Li Hongzhang and Yuan Shikai on Zhou Fu Policies when he was Governor of Shandong in 郭大松Guo Dasong and 刘溪Liu Xi, eds., 开放于城市现代化:中国近现代城市开放国际学术研讨会论集. Opening to the Outside World and Urban Modernization: Collected Essays from International Conference on [Reform and] Opening of China’s Modern Cities. Ji’nan: Shandong University Press, 2011. Translated by Guo Dasong. pp. 6-21.

Zheng He's Naval Voyages, 1405-1433. Article in Brian A. Pavlac, et. al. eds. Great Events from History: The Middle Ages. Pasedena, CA: Salem Press, 2004. 2 volumes.

Articles in the Berkshire Encyclopedia of China. New York: Berkshire Publishing, 2009. 5 volumes
Chinese Nationalist Party
Lee Teng-hui
Shandong province
Song Ziwen
Wang Jingwei
Xian Incident

Articles in David Pong, ed. Encyclopedia of Modern China. Gale Publishing, 2009.
Heilongjiang since 1949
Jilin since 1949.

Articles for Masterplots III. Salem Press, forthcoming 2010
Gao Xingjian, Soul Mountain (2000)
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