Carlos Galvao-SobrinhoCarlos R. Galvao-Sobrinho

Associate Professor

Office: Holton Hall, Room 349
Phone: (414) 229-3819


Ph.D., Yale University, 1999
M.D., Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil, 1983

Research Interests:

History of medicine, ancient medicine, ancient religion, and non-elites in the Roman world

Teaching Areas:

Ancient history, history of medicine

Courses Offered:

Hist 202: History of Rome: Republic and Empire
Hist 307: History of Rome: The Republic
Hist 308: History of Rome: The Empire
Hist 371: Topics in European History: Rome in the Age of Constantine
Hist 398: Hist 398: Medicine and Healing in Ancient Greece and Rome (Honors seminar)

Other Activities:

Faculty in the Certificate Program in Ancient Mediterranean Studies, UWM
Fellow, American Academy in Rome, 2006


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