Marc Levine

Marc Levine


Office: NWQ B, Room 4521
Phone: (414) 229-3962


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1982

Research Interests:

Professor Levine's research and teaching interests are in the areas of North American urban history and public policy. His work has focused on issues of economic change, urban development, and cultural diversity in the city.

Other Activities:

Director, Center for Economic Development
Director, Center for Canadian-American Policy Studies
Director, Consortium for Economic Opportunity, UWM Milwaukee Idea


Contexts: The Wire Goes to College
UWM News: UWM’s ‘The Wire’ course started academic trend

Selected Publications

The False Promise of the Entrepreneurial University: Selling Academic Commercialism as an "Engine" of Economic Development in Milwaukee, September 2009, by Marc V. Levine. UWM Center for Economic Development Working Papers. UWM Center for Economic Development Working Papers. [Executive Summary, Full Report (pdf - 810kb)]

The Crisis of Black Male Joblessness in Milwaukee: Trends, Explanations, and Policy Options, March 2007, by Marc Levine. UWM Center for Economic Development Working Papers. [Executive Summary, Full Report (pdf - 496kb)]

The Economic State of Milwaukee's Inner City: 2006, May 2006, by Marc Levine. [Executive Summary, Full Report (pdf - 328kb)]

"Tourism and Economic Regulation: Shaping the Tourism Labor Market in Montreal," in Cities and Visitors: Regulating Tourists, Markets, and City Space, ed. Susan Fainstein et al. (London: Blackwell, 2003), 114-36.

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