Stephen MeyerStephen Meyer

Professor Emeritus

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Ph.D., Rutgers University, 1977

Research Interests:

Social, Labor, and Cultural History
Gender- Working-class Manhood
History of Auto Workers
Social History of Technology

Selected Publications

"The End of the Line: American Corporate Cultures and the Growth and Decline of the Automobile Industry, 1945-1990" and "Comments on Motorisation and US society after 1945" presented at The Automobile Revolution": Automobile and Society since 1945 Conference sponsored by German Historical Institute Moscow, the Corporate History Department of Volkswagen AG, and the Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Russia, in February 2007.

"The Degradation of Work Revisited: Auto Work from the 1910s through 1960s," presented at The Car in History Conference at University of Toronto, May 2005 and at the North American Labor History Conference at Wayne State University in October 2006.

"Gendered Terrain: Gendered Terrain: Male and Female Space on the Automotive Shop Floor, 1920-1950" presented at Tamiment Seminar on Labor and Social History, New York University, March 2005.

"Sex and the Motor City: Sex and the Motor City: The Bachelor Culture of Detroit Auto Workers, 1900s-1940s, presented at The Newberry Library Seminar on Labor History, December 2004.

"Workplace Predators: Sex and Sexuality on the Automotive Shop Floor, 1930-1960," Labor: Studies in the Working-Class History of the Americas, V. 1 (Spring 2004), 77-93.

"Sex and Sexuality on the U.S. Automotive Shop Floor, 1930-1960," in Sexualität, Unterschichtenmilieus, und Arbeiterinnbewegung (Vienna, 2003), 117-30.

"Rugged Manhood: The Aggressive and Confrontational Culture of Male Auto Workers during World War II" Journal of Social History, 36 (2002): 125-47.

"'An Economic Frankenstein': Workers and Automation in the Ford Brook Park Plant in the 1950s" Michigan Historical Review, 28 (2002): 62-89.

"Work, Play, and Power: Masculine Culture on the Automotive Shop Floor, 1930-1965," Men and Masculinities, Vol. 2 (October, 1999), 115-134 and in Roger Horowitz, editor, Boys and Their Toys (Routledge, 2001), 13-32.

"Stalin Over Wisconsin": The Making and Unmaking of Militant Unionism, 1900-1950 (New Brunswick, 1992).

Coeditor with Nelson Lichtenstein, On the Line: Essays in the History of Auto Work (Urbana, 1989).

The Five Dollar Day: Labor Management and Social Control in the Ford Motor Company, 1908-1921 (Albany, 1981).