Ronald Ross

Ronald J. Ross

Professor Emeritus

Phone: (414) 229-4361

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1971

Current Research Interests:
Modern German History
Church-State Relations in Imperial Germany
Prisons and Prisoners in Nineteenth-Century Germany

Teaching Interests:
Nineteenth and twentieth-century Germany
Political and social history of modern Europe
European military history

The Failure of Bismarck's Kulturkampf: Catholicism and State Power in Imperial Germany, 1871-1887 (1998); paperback edition (2000)

"The Kulturkampf: Restrictions and Controls on the Practice of Religion in Bismarck's Germany," in Freedom and Religion in the Nineteenth Century, ed. Richard Helmstadter (1997)

"The Kulturkampf and the Limitations of Power in Bismarck's Germany," The Journal of Ecclesiastical History (1995)

"Catholic Plight in the Kaiserreich: A Reappraisal" in Another Germany: A Reconsideration of the Imperial Era, eds. Jack R. Dukes and Joachim Remak (1988)

"Enforcing the Kulturkampf: The Bismarckian State and the Limits of Coercion in Imperial Germany," The Journal of Modern History (1984)