Philip ShashkoPhilip Shashko

Professor Emeritus



Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1969
M.A., University of California, Berkeley, 1961
B.A., Michigan State University, East Lansing, 1960

Research Interests:

Modern Balkan history and culture
Russian and Balkan political and intellectual movements
Folklore, local history

Teaching Areas:

Russian/Soviet History; Southeast Europe; Undergraduate and Graduate methodology and historiography seminars
Graduate seminars on political, social and intellectual l history; Cold War; nationalism

Courses Offered:

Hist 192: Freshman Seminar
Hist 206: Europe and the Modern World: 1815 to the Present
Hist 293: Seminar on Historical Method: Theory and Approach
Hist 341: Imperial Russia: From Despotism to the Bolshevik Revolution
Hist 343: The Sovient Union: From Lenin to Gorbachev
Hist 399: Honors Seminar
Hist 345: The Modern Balkans: Nationalism, War, and Democracy
Hist 600: Seminar in History: Nationalism; Cold War; The "Other" in Travelers' Accounts
Hist 712: Historiography and Theory of History
Hist 713: Historical Research Methods
Hist 850: Colloquium in European History
Hist 950: Seminar in European History
Hist 965: Seminar in Modern European Intellectual History
Hist 970: Seminar in Modern European Political History

Other Activities:

Member of the Executive Council of the American Association for Southeast European Studies, l975-l978
Vice President, Bulgarian Studies Association, 1974-1978
Member, Editorial Board, Urbanism Past and Present, 1976-1978
Managing Editor, responsible for Comparative Intellectual/Cultural Studies of Southeastern Europe/L'Europe du Sud Est, 1981-1998

Selected Publications

In Search of Bulgaria's New Identity: The Role of Diplomacy, 1989-2006, in Brad K. Blitz, ed., War and Change in the Balkans: Nationalism, Conflict and Cooperation. Cambridge University Press, 2006. 195-223.

From Incomprehensible Tongue to Forbidden Language, in Blaze Ristovski, et al., Deloto na Krste Misirkov/ The work of Krste Misirkov. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference on the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Publication of the book On Macedonian Matters held in Skopje on November 27-29, 2003. Skopje: Macedonian Academy of Science and Arts, 2005. Vol. I, 383-414.

'American Conscience Should be Moved by the Macedonian Cry:' Echoes of the 1903 Ilinden Uprising. Brian d. Joseph and M.A. Johnson Editors, Macedonian Studies. Papers from the Fifth International Macedonian-North American Conference on Macedonian Studies. Columbus, Ohio 2004. 281-311.

Horace Maynard and the Bulgarians, 1875-1880, Istoricheski Pregled. Iubileino izdanie po Sluchai 80 godini ot Rozhdenieto na Professor Krumka Sharova. Vol. LX, Nos. 5-6, 2004 96-118.

Liuben Karavelov on Bulgarian-Romanian Interaction: Building Bridges to the Future over Troubled Waters, in Studia Balcanica, 24. Izsledvaniia v chest na Prof. Veselin Traikov. Sofia: Akademichno izdatelstvo Marin Drinov, 2003. 146-167.

From Primitive Rebels to Conscious Revolutionaries: The Macedonian Struggle as a Social Movement. Internet publication by the Edge Hill College (United Kingdom) and Making of Social Movements Conference URL: %20Conference/shashko-PrimtiverRbel.pdf

Editor, Amerikanski putepisi za Bulgariia prez XIX vek (American Travel Narratives on Nineteenth-Century Bulgaria). Ed. Philip Shashko, Betty Grinberg and Roumen Genov. Sofia: Planeta 3 Publishing House, 2001.

Chastichni Predstavi: Predgovor ot Professor Philip Shashko, (Limited Visions: Introduction by Professor Philip Shashko) in Amerikanski putepisi za Bulgariia prez XIX vek (American Travel Narratives on Nineteenth-Century Bulgaria). Ed. Philip Shashko, Betty Grinberg and Roumen Genov. Sofia: Planeta 3 Publishing House, 2001. 4-24.

Editor, The l300th Anniversary of the Bulgarian State, 68l l98l: Contemporary Historical Writing in Bulgaria. Special Southeastern Europe, Vol. 8, parts l 2, l98l.

Editor, The Russo Turkish War of l877 l878 and the Liberation of Bulgaria, (Tempe: Arizona State University, l979) l52 pp. A special issue of Southeastern Europe, Vol. 6, part 2, l979.