Programs of Study

General Degree in History - Options A and B
There are two options for a general M.A. degree in history: thesis option and the comprehensive examination option. For the thesis option the minimum degree requirement is 30 graduate credits, at least 24 of which must be taken in history, and the student must write an acceptable thesis. The minimum degree requirement for the non-thesis option is 30 graduate credits, 24 of which must be taken in History, and the student must also pass a comprehensive written and oral comprehensive examination.
Public History Specialization - Option C
Minimum degree requirement is 36 graduate credits, 18 of which must be taken in general history courses, the remaining 18 in public history courses. Students must select from one of the following tracks: museum studies, archives, historic preservation, or thesis.
Coordinated MA/MLS Program - Option D
Students in this program concurrently pursue a Master of Arts in History and a Master of Library and Information Science degree, which are awarded simultaneously. The coordinated degree program requires a minimum of 24 graduate credits in history.
Urban Historical Studies
This specialization combines historic approaches with those of the social sciences in studying urban processes, organizations, and society. It is designed to meet the needs of students who intend to enter the interdisciplinary Urban Studies PhD program or a similar program after completion of the Master of Arts degree. The minimum degree requirement is 33 graduate credits.