Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research Experience

Since Spring 2009, the History Department has offered a number of courses as part of the Undergraduate Research Experience initiative through the Office of Undergraduate Research at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.

The URE initiative aims to provide undergraduates with a more meaningful learning experience by incorporating more research and writing into regular courses. In the History Department, URE courses have been especially designed to give students the opportunity to learn how to work like historians before they take the 600 capstone seminar. Instructors have structured these courses in such a way so that students will be working closely with them to learn more about the historian's craft, including how to conduct research, how to read and analyze primary and secondary sources, how to choose a paper topic, formulate a thesis, develop an argument, cite sources, and so on. Students taking these courses will receive more hands-on guidance and feedback on their assignments and writing. To make this possible, among other things, URE classes have been kept small with a ceiling cap of 20 students.

The URE courses provide an opportunity to hone in your analytical and writing skills and to learn more about how to handle sources and do historical research. History majors or anyone thinking of graduate school should find these courses especially useful.