JAMS Faculty and Staff

David S. Allen, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Media ethics and law, media and political theory

Xiaoxia Cao, Assistant Professor
Media effects, persuasion, media and politics

Jane Hampden Daley, Senior Lecturer

Anna M Kupiecki, Academic Department Associate

Elana Levine, Associate Professor
Media history, theory and criticism, gender and feminist theory, cultural theory

Jeffrey John Loomis, Digital Media Specialist

Jessica McBride, Senior Lecturer
Print journalism and new media

Michael Newman, Associate Professor and Chair
Media history, theory, and criticism; American cinema, television, and new media; indie culture

Richard Popp
, Associate Professor
History of consumer culture, media history, media and cultural space, mobility, social memory

David Pritchard, Professor
Sociology of journalism, media law and policy, Canadian media

Joette Rockow, Senior Lecturer
Advertising, public relations, graphic art (photography), animals and media

Jeffery Smith, Professor
Media history, freedom of expression, war, documentary

Christopher Terry, Lecturer
History, Law, Policy and Operations of Mass Media

Jackie Leonard-Tackett, Lecturer
Advertising and public relations

Marc Tasman, Senior Lecturer

Digital arts and culture

Mark Zoromski, Senior Lecturer
Broadcast journalism