David S. Allen

David S. Allen


576 Bolton Hall
Vita (pdf)


Ph.D., University of Minnesota
M.A., The Pennsylvania State University
B.S., University of Wisconsin–La Crosse

Courses Taught:

JAMS 361: Media Ethics - Syllabus
JAMS 381: Controlling Dissent: Legal and Ethical Restraints on Expression in American Society - Syllabus
JAMS 559: Law of Mass Communication - Syllabus
JAMS 661: Seminar in Mass Communication and Society - Syllabus
JAMS 860: Seminar in Mass Communication: Newswork and the New Capitalism - Syllabus

Research Interests:

Media ethics, freedom of speech, media and political theory. Current research focuses on free speech zones and the management of dissent in democratic society.

Teaching Areas:

Media Ethics, Law of Mass Communication, News and the Construction of Reality

Selected Publications:

Democracy, Inc.: The Press and Law in the Corporate Rationalization of the Public Sphere, University of Illinois Press (2005).

Freeing the First Amendment: Critical Perspectives on Freedom of Expression, David S. Allen and Robert Jensen, eds., New York: New York University Press (1995).

Book chapters
"Creating Meaning, Creating Citizens: The U.S. Supreme Court and the Control of Meaning in the Public Sphere," in Communication and Law: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Research, eds. Amy Reynolds and Brooke Barnett. Mahway, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum (2006): 109-137.

"Jürgen Habermas and the Search for Democratic Principles," in Moral Engagement in Public Life: Theorists for Contemporary Ethics, eds. Sharon L. Bracci and Clifford G. Christians. New York: Peter Lang Publishing (2002): 97-122.

"The First Amendment and the Doctrine of Corporate Personhood: Collapsing the Press-Corporate Distinction," Journalism: Theory, Practice, and Criticism, 2, 3 (December 2001): 255-278.

"Merging Law and Ethics: Discourse Legal Theory and Freedom of Expression in Hurley," Communication Law & Policy, 4, 4 (Autumn 1999): 403-430.