Jaffery A. Smith

Jeffery A. Smith


538 Bolton Hall
Vita (pdf)


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin–Madison
M.S., Boston University
B.A., University of Wisconsin–Madison

Research Interests:

Early American press, legal history of freedom of expression, media and war, media and religion.

Teaching Areas:

Media history, war and media, documentary, freedom of expression.

Other Activities:

Associate Editor of Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly
Editorial board member of Journalism History and Communication Law and Policy
Completing a book on the reactions of "moral guardians" to the mass media

Selected Publications:

“Lincoln’s Other War: Public Opinion, Press Issues, and Personal Pleas,” American Journalism 26 (Fall 2009): 87-117.

“Moral Guardians and the Origins of the Right to Privacy.” Journalism and Communication Monographs 10 (Spring 2008): 63-110.

“Sunday Newspapers and Lived Religion in Late Nineteenth-Century America.” Journal of Church and State 48 (Winter 2006): 127-52.

"Fredrick Siebert's Absolute, Adjustable First Amendment." Communication Law and Policy 7 (Autumn 2002): 379-99.

"Hollywood Theology: The Commodification of Religion in Twentieth-Century Films." Religion and American Culture 11 (Summer 2001): 191-231.

War and Press Freedom: The Problem of Prerogative Power (New York: Oxford University Press, 1999).