Teaching Assistants

Sion Choudhury

Office: Bolton 569
Email: sion@uwm.edu
Course: JAMS 360 (History of Mass Media)
education: MA in English (Jadavpur University)

Biography: Sion grew up in small towns in India, eventually landing up in Kolkata for higher studies. For three years after that, he worked at Pearson Education in Delhi, editing manuscripts for school textbooks and working on (the still somewhat nascent in India) digital education platforms for classrooms.
Growing up in the early years of globalization in India—being the first generation to devour MTV, HBO, ESPN and Cartoon Network—were crucial to his fascination with media, especially pop culture. While his research interests are still not very specific yet, he does enjoy reading up on media history and the role of class in the proliferation of new media in developing countries.
Apart from getting his degree, before leaving the USA, Sion aims to amass a respectable collection of blues music, learn to fly fish and spell the American way and convince Americans at large that soccer should, in fact, be called football.


Ethan Collins

Office: Bolton 528
Email: colli268@uwm.edu
Course: JAMS 214- Advertising in American Society
Education: Stonehill College, B.A. Communications

Biography: Ethan is a 2011 graduate of Stonehill College with a degree in Communications. He is originally from Upstate New York and is excited to begin his two-year adventure in the Midwest. As a T.A., Ethan will be grading for JAMS 214 Advertising in American Society and looks forward to working in a learning environment with college-aged students for the first time. Media literacy is a research interest for Ethan, and was a topic he studied extensively during his undergraduate education. Film, television, and radio are also among his interests, with video production and broadcasting experience in his past. Since earning his B.A., Ethan has been employed as a sports statistics analyst at and a television listings editor.

Megan Connor

Office: Bolton 516
Email: mconnor@uwm.edu
Course: JAMS 101 (Introduction to Mass Media)
Education: B.A. English, Communication & Culture, minor in Folklore (Indiana University)

Biography: Megan is from Bloomington, IN, where she studied English, film, and TV at Indiana University. Her interests include most television shows, with an emphasis in young adult media, as well as celebrity studies. Megan also enjoys baking, blogging, and being crafty.

Aras Coskuntuncel

Office: Bolton Hall 520
Email: coskunt2@uwm.edu
Course: JAMS 201 (Media Writing)
Education: B.A., Political Science and Public Administration (Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey)

Biography: Aras comes to Milwaukee from Istanbul, Turkey, where he was foreign news and diplomacy editor at the Hurriyet Daily News, an English-language daily newspaper. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in political science and public administration from Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir, Turkey. Aras wants to add to his experience in journalism by researching how major political developments in the world are bringing to light yet another existential crisis for journalism after the rise of cable, the internet age, and the corporatization of the profession. Since coming to Milwaukee, he has enjoyed the local culture, from the Milwaukee Brewers to local breweries.

Steve Cuff

Office: Bolton 569
Email: smcuff@uwm.edu
Course: JAMS 201 (Media Writing)
Education: B.A., English (Western Michigan University)

Biography: Steve was born and raised in the metro Detroit area and graduated from Western Michigan University with a bachelor's degree in English. As an undergrad, Steve was a DJ and production assistant at 89.1 WIDR in Kalamazoo, MI. After graduating he spent 3 years in Bakersfield, CA teaching high school American Literature and English Language Development. Steve is currently working on his masters in Media Studies at UWM. His interests include film, new media, and trying to hide his love for the Detroit Lions while surrounded by rabid Packers fans.

Sammi Dittloff

Office: Bolton 526
Email: dittlof2@uwm.edu
Course: JAMS 201 (Media Writing)
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism - Strategic Communications, DAC Certificate Recipient, UW-Milwaukee

: Sammi received a B.A. in Journalism from UWM, as well as a Digital Arts and Culture (DAC) Certificate, and is happy to be back in JAMS to pursue her Master’s in Media Studies. She has a few years of advertising experience under her belt as a Senior Marketing Analyst, and enjoys work that combines words and numbers. Her personal interests involve anything related to food, including gardening, cooking, baking and reading about current food issues.

Roger Draeger                                                                 

Office: Bolton 522
Email: draegerr@uwm.edu
Course: JAMS 113 (Internet Culture)
Education: B.A., Advertising and Media Studies (UWM)

Biography: Roger was born and raised in Milwaukee but somehow grew up a Red Sox fan who also loves the Packers.  After graduating Magna Cum Laude from UWM Roger began working in the digital marketing realm. He found it enjoyable, but a passion still existed within him to continue his examination of various media related territories.  Roger is pleased to return to UWM this fall to strengthen his grasp on the areas of study he enjoys.  Roger’s research interests include fandom, participatory culture, paratexts and memory texts.  If anyone wants to see his eyes light up in passionate approval tell him you love the film Rocky, the TV show True Detective and that Radical Face is your favorite band.  When not studying media or grading papers, Roger can be found taking in film and television with Uncle Phil and Willow (his dogs) and enjoying half price sushi on occasional Monday and Tuesday nights at Fujiyama.  He also spends significant time managing and obsessing over his fantasy football teams of which he has 6 this season.

Shawn Glinis

Office: Bolton 518
Email: smglinis@uwm.edu
Course: JAMS 101 (Introduction to Mass Media)
Education: B.A., Film, Video, and Media Studies (Western Michigan University)

Biography:  Shawn is from Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he obtained his bachelors degree at Western Michigan University in Film, Video, & Media Studies. He now resides in the Upper East Side of Milwaukee while working on his masters in Media Studies at UWM. His interests include film and television theory based around gender, class, and sexuality.

Kate Kallenberger

Office: Bolton 560
Email: kallenb4@uwm.edu
Course: JAMS 201 (Media Writing)
Education: B.A., Media Studies (UWM)

: Kate graduated from UWM with a degree in Media Studies and a minor in English.  As an undergraduate she worked as a writer and copyeditor at a campus marketing service. Her interests include surveillance culture, spirituality in the media, politics, media law, and the interactions between knowledge, hegemony and social order. Kate also enjoys cooking, playing tennis and reading fiction. She hopes to someday compete on Jeopardy.

Rachel Kinnard

Office: Bolton 569
Email: rkinnard@uwm.edu
Course: JAMS 360 (History of Mass Media)
Education: B.A., Media Studies & Psychology (UWM)

Biography: Rachel graduated from UW-Milwaukee with degrees in Media Studies and Psychology. Though she grew up in Green Bay, she is not a fan of the Packers. After discovering her love for feminist theory, cultural studies, and news/political media, Rachel decided to continue studying at the graduate level. As an undergrad, Rachel worked for a PR agency in New York, ran her own blog, and wrote for an online girls' magazine. In her spare time, she writes for a feminist news site, attends too many concerts, and practices yoga.

Meg Kohlmann

Office: Bolton 516
Email: kohlman8@uwm.edu
Course: JAMS 101 - Introduction to Mass Media
Education: B.A. in Communications and minor in Studies in Cinema and Media Culture from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2014.

Biography: Meg has returned to Milwaukee after graduating from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a B.A. in Communications. Her time at UMN-TC fostered a passion for feminism, gender representation, pop culture, and media studies. Meg consumes different media, but has a special place in her heart for Young Adult media and its books, TV shows, and movies (probably of books.) She looks forward to combining her interests in the Media Studies program at UWM. In her spare time, Meg likes to write YA, watch practically everything the CW airs, and follow One Direction ironically.

Courtney VanderVeen Mich

Office: Bolton 569
Email: vanderv5@uwm.edu
Course: JAMS 207 Intro to Advertising and Public Relations
Education: B.A., Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies, Digital Arts and Culture Certificate, UW-Milwaukee

Biography: Courtney graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a B.A. in Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies, and a certificate in Digital Arts and Culture. She followed the advertising and public relations track, interned with a local PR agency, and wrote blogs and consulted on social media for a Chicago based landscape architecture firm. As an undergraduate, she coauthored a paper on gender media ownership and its affect on news content with JAMS Lecturer, Dr. Christopher Terry. Their research will be presented at the NCA 100th annual Convention. Courtney's research interests include gender in the media, new media regulation and media law. In her spare time, Courtney enjoys spending time with her family and dog, Dr. Peter Venkman, and crossing books off her never ending reading list.

Daniel Murphy

Office: Bolton 522
Email: murph226@uwm.edu
Course: JAMS 101 Introduction to Mass Media
Education: B.A. in Journalism, second major in History, Indiana University (Bloomington)

Biography: After studying Journalism and History as an undergraduate, Daniel found that the skills he developed would allow him to turn his interest in graphic design from a hobby into a career. From 2002-2014 he worked for the Secretly Label Group, a syndicate of independent record labels. He eventually became the company's Art Director and designed the packaging for over 200 records before he stopped counting. This professional work has led to an academic interest in the historical and cultural roles that graphic design and physical media play in defining how people interact with media. In his free time, he enjoys TV, music and exploring Milwaukee.

Paromita Sengupta

Office: Bolton 520
Email: paromita@uwm.edu
Course: JAMS 113 (Internet Culture)
Education:  M.A., English (Jadavpur University)

Biography: Paromita graduated from Jadavpur University, India, with a Master's degree in English Literature. However, her interest in media psychology and pop culture eventually steered her towards the Media Studies program at UWM. She is deeply passionate about high fantasy and science fiction and since arriving in the US, she has begun to amass a respectable collection of sci-fi memorabilia! She wants to research fictional revisionism and examine the way F&SF novels translate into other media. When she's not delving into the latest installment of yet another fantasy series, she can be found catching up on quests in online role-playing games, indulging in her love for street photography or trying to deconstruct Hobbit drinking songs!

Simone Smith

Office: Bolton 560
Email: smith992@uwm.edu
Course: JAMS 201 (Media Writing)
Education: B.A., Journalism (Marquette)

Biography: Simone is an aspiring scholar in the JAMS department researching race and diversity on the Internet. She received her B.A. in journalism from the illustrious Marquette University. She dabbles in web and graphic design. When she's not cultivating her creative skills, she reads celebrity gossip and spends time with her family.

Cole Stratton

Office: Bolton 518
Email: stratt22@uwm.edu
Course: JAMS 101 (Introduction to Media Studies)
Education: B.A., Film Studies (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Biography: Cole grew up in Mequon, Wisconsin and attended Homestead High School. He moved to Colorado for college and fell in love with the mountains. After graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder, he lived and worked throughout the state, finding employment in a diverse range of professions, but always reading, always thinking, always learning. After working in customer service, photography, solar installation, and snowshoe manufacturing, he finally decided his worldly experiences were sufficient to provide interesting perspective to academic inquiry. He has since returned to school and is currently enrolled in the Media Studies masters program at UW-Milwaukee. His academic interests are broad, reflecting the diversity of his experiences and the interdisciplinary nature of Media Studies. If forced to narrow his interests, he will tell you that the experience of democracy in mass mediated societies is of particular interest, especially when considered in the context of class and power. You can find him in the library studying hard for his next research paper, or in his office daydreaming about the Colorado Rocky mountains.

Ryan Sugden

Office: Bolton 526
Email: rcsugden@uwm.edu
Course: JAMS 201: Media Writing
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism-Media Studies, 2014, UW-Milwaukee

Biography: Ryan graduated from UW-Milwaukee with two bachelor's degrees in Journalism and Communication. He knew immediately that he wanted to attend graduate school after finding his passion in gender representations in the media. He's a part-time server to make a living and a part-time blogger to stay sane. During his free time, he likes to preach about his love of Rihanna and reminisce about the Danity Kane break up.