Fred Eckman

Fred Eckman

Distinguished Professor

Office: Johnston Hall 135


Ph.D., University of Indiana

Research Interests:

Second language acquisition; second-language phonology; second-language syntax

Teaching Interests:

General linguistics; second language acquisition

Courses Taught:

Linguis 100: The Diversity of Human Language
Linguis 350: Introduction to Linguistics
Linguis 420: Introduction to Second Language Acquisition
Linguis 468: Language in Its Various Forms
Linguis 708: Proseminar in Linguistics
Linguis 806: Seminar in Linguistics

Other Relevant Activities

Department Chair

Recent Publications:

Eckman, F. 2010. “Language Typology and Second Language Acquisition”. In Handbook of Language Typology (ed.) Jae Song. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Eckman, F. 2010. “Second language phonology: To appear in Handbook of Second Language Acquisition (eds.) S. Gass & A. Mackey. London: Routledge.

Eckman, F. 2010. “Issues in second language phonology.” To appear in Second Language Research.

Eckman, F., G. Iverson, R. A. Fox, E. Jacewicz, & S. Lee. 2009. Perception and production in the acquisition of L2 phonemic contrasts. To appear in Recent Research in Second Language Phonetics/Phonology: Perception and Production. (ed.) by M. A. Watkins, A. Rauber & B. O. Baptista. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Eckman, F. 2008. “Typological Markedness and Second Language Phonology.” In Phonology and Second Language Acquisition, (ed.) by J. Hansen and M. Zampini, pp. 95 - 116. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Eckman, F. 2007. “Hypotheses and Methods in Second Language Acquisition: Testing the Noun Phrase Accessibility Hierarchy on Relative Clauses. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 29, 321 – 327.