iversonGregory K. Iverson

Professor Emeritus

Office: Curtin 885
Phone: 414-229-4285
E-mail: iverson@uwm.edu
Personal Web Page: people.uwm.edu/iverson


Ph.D., Linguistics, Scandinavian (U. Minnesota, 1974)
M.A., German (Rice University, 1970)
B.A., Political Science, German (Concordia College-Moorhead, 1968)

Research Interests:

Phonology, Germanic, Korean

Teaching Interests:

General Linguistics

Recent Publications:

"Filling the Gap: English Tense Vowel plus Final / ʃ /," with J Salmons, J English Linguistics, to appear.

"Copying, Blurring and the Morphological Roles of Germanic Umlaut," with J Salmons, to appear.

"(A)symmetries in the Evolution of the Korean Vowel System," with S C Ahn, Phonological Studies (Phonological Society of Japan), to appear.

"Perception of Contrast in Korean Loanword Adaptation," with A Lee, Korean Linguistics, to appear.

"Naturalness and the Lifecycle of Language Change," with J Salmons, Gedenkschrift for Wolfgang Wurzel, to appear.

"English Voicing in Dimensional Theory," with S C Ahn, Language Sciences, to appear.

"Dimensions in Korean Laryngeal Phonology," with S C Ahn, J East Asian Linguistics 13.345-79, 2004.

"Perceived Syllable Structure in the Adaptation of Loanwords in Korean," with A Lee, Proceedings of the 2004 Linguistic Society of Korea International Conference, pp. 117-36. Seoul: Hansin, 2004.

"The Conundrum of Old Norse Umlaut: Sound Change versus Crisis Analogy," with J Salmons, J Germanic Linguistics 16.77-110, 2004.

"Deriving the Derived Environment Constraint in Non-Derivational Phonology," Studies in Phonetics, Phonology and Morphology 11.1-23, 2004.

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