Hanyong ParkHanyong Park

Assistant Professor

Office: Curtin Hall 523
Laboratory: Curtin Hall 804
E-mail: park27@uwm.edu
Curriculum Vitae: pdf 29kb


Ph.D., Linguistics, Indiana University, Bloomington
M.A., Linguistics, Indiana University, Bloomington
B.A., English and French, Ajou University, Korea

Research Interests:

Korean phonetics/phonology, English as a second language, Speech perception/production and spoken word recognition, Variations in spoken English: International English & Foreign accented English, Interaction between language as a system and individuals, Speech intelligibility among different populations, Audiovisual speech perception, Cognitive abilities among second language learners, Korean Voice Onset Time change

Teaching Interests:

Phonetics, General Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition

Courses Taught:

Linguis 100: The Diversity of Human Language
Linguis 350: Introduction to Linguistics
Linguis 450/370: General Phonetics and Phonetics Practicum
Linguis 708: Proseminar in Linguistics

Recent Publications:

Park, Hanyong. “Detecting foreign accent in monosyllables: The role of L1 phonotactics.” Journal of Phonetics 41. Ed. de Jong, Kenneth. Journal of Phonetics. (2013): 78-87.
de Jong, Kenneth, and Park, Hanyong. “Vowel epenthesis and segment identity in Korean learners of English.” Studies in Second Language Acquisition 34.1 Ed. Valdman, Albert, and Gass, Susan. Studies in Second Language Acquisition. (2012): 127-155.
de Jong, Kenneth, Silbert, Noah, and Park, Hanyong. “Generalization across segments in second language consonant identification.” Language Learning 59.1 Language Learning. (2009): 1-31.
de Jong, Kenneth, Hao, Yen-Chen, and Park, Hanyong. “Evidence for featural units in the acquisition of speech production skills: Linguistic structure in foreign accent.” Journal of Phonetics 37.4 Ed. de Jong, Kenneth. Journal of Phonetics. (2009): 357-373.
Park, Hanyong, and de Jong, Kenneth. “Perceptual category mapping between English and Korean prevocalic obstruents: Evidence from mapping effects in second language identification skills.” Journal of Phonetics 36. Journal of Phonetics. (2008): 704-723.