Hanyong ParkHanyong Park

Assistant Professor

Office: Johnston Hall 123
Laboratory: Johnston Hall G24
E-mail: park27@uwm.edu
Curriculum Vitae: pdf 29kb


Ph.D., Linguistics, Indiana University, Bloomington
M.A., Linguistics, Indiana University, Bloomington
B.A., English and French, Ajou University, Korea

Research Interests:

Korean phonetics/phonology, English as a second language, Speech perception/production and spoken word recognition, Variations in spoken English: International English & Foreign accented English, Interaction between language as a system and individuals, Speech intelligibility among different populations, Audiovisual speech perception, Cognitive abilities among second language learners, Korean Voice Onset Time change

Teaching Interests:

Phonetics, General Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition

Courses Taught:

Linguis 100: The Diversity of Human Language
Linguis 350: Introduction to Linguistics
Linguis 450/370: General Phonetics and Phonetics Practicum
Linguis 708: Proseminar in Linguistics

Recent Publications:

Darcy, Isabelle, Park, Hanyong, and Yang, Chung-Lin. “Individual Differences in L2 acquisition of English Phonology: The relation between cognitive abilities and phonological processing.” Learning and Individual differences 40.May (2015): 63-72.
Park, Hanyong. “Detecting foreign accent in monosyllables: The role of L1 phonotactics.” Journal of Phonetics 41. Ed. de Jong, Kenneth. (2013): 78-87.
de Jong, Kenneth, and Park, Hanyong. “Vowel epenthesis and segment identity in Korean learners of English.” Studies in Second Language Acquisition 34.1 Ed. Valdman, Albert, and Gass, Susan. (2012): 127-155.
de Jong, Kenneth, Silbert, Noah, and Park, Hanyong. “Generalization across segments in second language consonant identification.” Language Learning 59.1 (2009): 1-31.
de Jong, Kenneth, Hao, Yen-Chen, and Park, Hanyong. “Evidence for featural units in the acquisition of speech production skills: Linguistic structure in foreign accent.” Journal of Phonetics 37.4 Ed. de Jong, Kenneth. (2009): 357-373.