Sandra Liliana Pucci

Associate Professor

Office: Johnston Hall 110B


Ph.D., Language, Literacy, and Learning, University of Southern California
M.S., TESL, University of Southern California
B.A., Italian Language and Literature, University of Wisonsin - Madison

Research Interests:

Bilingualism, Second Language Acquisition, Language in Education, Sociolinguistics

Courses Taught:

Linguis 430: Language and Society
Linguis 570: Bilingualism
Linguis 420: Second language acquisition
Linguis 565: to adult/university level TESOL

Other Relevant Activities

Coordinator, certificate program in Adult/University level TESOL

Recent Publications:

Pucci, S., Castellón, J, and G. Cramer. (2008). Educational opportunities for bilingual high school students: Factors in the success of one small high school. In Guske, I., and Swaffield, B. (Eds.). Educational landscapes in the 21st century: Cross cultural challenges and multi-disciplinary perspectives. Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Pucci, S., and Cramer, G. (forthcoming, 2010). Constructing transformative spaces for bilingual high school students. In Fingon, J. and Ulanoff, S. (Eds.). Learning from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse K-12 Classrooms: Promoting Success for All Students. New York: Teachers College Press.