Research Infrastructure

Q: What is research infrastructure?
A: From a LSITO perspective, research infrastructure encompasses all the technological needs to accomplish a desired research objective, from website creation to network storage. In any case, LSITO is excited to work with our faculty partners to explore your options and implement the best possible solution. If you have a technological obstacle you'd like to overcome, please use the Request Research Infrastructure Support option of our webform to tell us more.

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Q: What services are available for research websites?
A: The College has instituted a process to evaluate requests for supporting research websites. Initially, the L&S Web Development team will meet with the sponsoring faculty member(s) to determine the "requirements" for the development and long-term maintenance of the website.

Afterward, the Web Development team will prepare a one-page document containing the scope of the project and the roles of the faculty and staff involved, along with a cost estimate based on the time and resources needed to develop the website. This document will then be reviewed by the appropriate Associate Dean, who must approve the project before production can begin.

The request to prepare a requirements document should be made at the earliest stages of project planning. If appropriate, the Associate Dean may ask the researcher to incorporate the cost of website creation into their grant request.

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