Policies and Procedures

On this page, you'll find links to the latest versions of L&S IT Office policies and procedures. For your convenience, we've also combined each of the policies below into a L&S IT Policies PDF file.

L&S Technology Acquisition Policy
An introduction to LSITO consultation services and an accompanying summary of the purchasing, ordering, and support process for all technology purchases.
L&S Printer Acquisition Policy
This document covers the printer options available to L&S employees including the availability of existing network printers, and also covers the process of purchasing printing supplies.
L&S Software Acquisition Policy
An overview of the software acquisition process and an introduction to the licensing options and discounts available to all L&S employees through the UITS software website and other select third-party vendors.
L&S Computer Acquisition Policy
A brief summary of the computer acquisition process and introduction to the eligibility and payment guidelines surrounding the three established methods for computer purchases:
L&S Off-Campus Computing Policies
A number of policy statements throughout this document apply to L&S employees who will be conducting work off-campus; this page seeks to collect and present these statements.
L&S Computer Imaging Policy
An introduction to the security policies governing College policy on computer "imaging" for all L&S computers. (Download 42kb PDF)
L&S Instructional Lab Policy
An overview of the instructional lab support and software deployment processes
L&S Emeritus Faculty Support Policy
This page briefly summarizes the nature and scope of the support that LSITO can provide to members of the College's Emeritus Faculty.
Welcome to Windows 7 manual (2.15MB PDF)
An overview of the Windows 7 operating system, along with campus- and L&S-specific information
L&S SCCM Overview (180kb PDF)
A brief overview of the self-support tools offered through Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) service.
L&S PC Manual (archive) (386kb PDF)
An older manual with an overview of Windows XP and common campus- and L&S-specific information.