L&S Computer Acquisition Program (CAP)

The primary source of new computers for L&S departments is the Computer Acquisition Program, which is intended to develop an equivalent computing experience for all L&S employees by annually subsidizing upgrades to the existing office computers of faculty and staff. As such, the College maintains a number of exceptions regarding potential CAP replacements. Existing L&S computers are ineligible for CAP replacement if:

  • the computer purchase was grant funded
  • the primary user is not a university faculty or staff member with a 100% appointment
  • the new computer will be used by a center, lab, or other non-teaching department
  • the new computer will be used as a faculty member’s secondary machine

Identification of Potential CAP Recipients

Working closely with LSITO, L&S Administration determines CAP allocations based on the amount of CAP funding available to the College, also taking into account the number of full-time faculty and staff in all L&S departments. To ensure that all L&S computing needs are met, the College expects to make annual CAP allocation decisions based on:

  • a comprehensive ongoing audit of L&S departmental computer capacity and configurations; and
  • an assessment of the business-related computing needs of all L&S faculty and staff

CAP Deployment and Support

Following this assessment, LSITO will purchase a number of standardly configured, highly capable desktop computers for distribution to all CAP recipients. All CAP-purchased replacements distributed to L&S departments will be:

  • initially shipped from the vendor to LSITO
  • extensively prepared and deployed with the latest L&S image
  • exclusively delivered and set up by LSITO technicians
  • configured with restored data/settings from the existing computer
  • backed by the support of LSITO

Recipients may optionally choose a laptop or to upgrade their desktop computer beyond the CAP standard; however, these funds must be from departmental, grant, or other university funding sources—personal funds cannot be applied to the purchase of University hardware.

“Cascade” Reclamation Program

All computers replaced under the CAP program will be reconfigured for use in the College's “cascade” reclamation program. Delivery of the new CAP computer is contingent on this replacement process. A CAP recipient may elect to retain their current computer rather than receive the new CAP computer, and they will be returned to the CAP list for the next annual replacement cycle. Provided that the reclaimed computer is able to run the current L&S image, LSITO will:

  • thoroughly delete any existing files on the computer
  • configure the machine with the latest L&S image
  • redeploy the machine to an appropriate L&S department or unit

All obsolete computers will be dismantled and surplused by LSITO according to College policy.