L&S Computer Acquisition Policy

As an integral part of a comprehensive desktop and networking support plan, the College of Letters and Science is committed to providing every faculty and staff member with a campus network-connected computer. This document supplements that plan by outlining the established methods of computer acquisition and deployment, as well as the technical guidance and support available to all L&S employees.

The College maintains three methods of computer acquisition which are covered briefly below. The rest of the page contains important distinctions between these methods, including purchasing guidelines and eligibility requirements.

  • Department or Unit Purchases may be used to provide new computers for departmental faculty or staff. This method is generally used for supporting research or special business needs, but computers purchased for part-time L&S employees or purchases using grant funds must also adhere to these purchasing restrictions.
  • The Computer Acquisition Program (CAP) annually upgrades and redeploys existing computers throughout the College based on an audit of computing capacity and an evaluation of the computing needs of individual units.
  • Purchases for New Academic Hires are typically provided for new full-time faculty or academic staff members as specified by the terms of the position.

Payment Guidelines

All computer orders must be placed through the College's business office, and payment will be applied as a direct charge to the appropriate funding account. For more information about the official College purchasing process, please consult the official L&S Computer Purchasing Process.

Prohibited payment methods include:

  • P-Cards: UWM purchase cards (P-cards) may NOT be used for computer purchases.
  • Reimbursement: L&S faculty and staff who purchase computers outside of the formal process appended to this document will not be given reimbursement for any computer purchases.
  • Contributing Personal Funds: Personal funds may NOT be combined with department or grant funds for the purpose of purchasing a computer.

The L&S "Image"

In a continuing effort to provide a secure and productive work environment for all L&S employees, LSITO maintains a common set of policies for all computers deployed within the College. Upon delivery, all computers are configured with a highly-customized operating system and extensive software suite known as the L&S image.

Developed in sustained collaboration with an array of campus IT experts, the “image” has been designed to expedite computer support and protect your L&S computer against all forms of cyber attack. Because of the many vital functions of this L&S image, the removal of an image from any L&S computer is prohibited.

Expert Consultation

As with all technology purchases, College faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to submit a Purchasing Support form with general purchasing concerns or to schedule a face-to-face discussion about potential technology implementation.