L&S Department or Unit Purchases

Under one or more of the following circumstances, L&S departments and units may wish to purchase new computers:

  • for the use of non-full-time faculty and staff
  • in support of faculty research, in addition to an existing “office” computer
  • in support of the special business needs of the department or unit
  • based on grant funding

As with all L&S technology implementation, the College encourages prospective buyers to seek LSITO guidance in identifying the solutions that will work best for you. For questions of eligibility, or to discuss individual purchasing conditions, please submit a Purchasing Support form.

Hardware Configuration

Existing College purchasing agreements with Apple and Dell offer significant discounts on specially-configured computers for all L&S units. A list of current L&S-recommended computer configurations and pricing information is available as a reference. Please keep in mind that any of these models can be customized to meet your specifications using the official L&S Computer Purchasing Process.

Deployment & Support

All new computers purchased by L&S departments or units will be:

  • initially shipped from the vendor to LSITO
  • extensively prepared and deployed with the latest L&S image
  • exclusively delivered and set up by LSITO technicians
  • configured with restored data/settings from any existing computer(s)
  • backed by the support of LSITO