L&S Computer Imaging Policy

Objective: To introduce the security policies governing College policy on computer “imaging” and present the consequences of removing or tampering with existing images on College-owned computers.


As part of the College’s continued mission to provide a secure and productive work environment for all L&S employees, the L&S IT Office (LSITO) maintains a common set of standards for all computers within the College. In accordance with baseline security standards established by the UWM Information Security Office, all L&S computers will be deployed with a highly-customized operating system and extensive software suite known as the L&S “image.”

Because of the many vital functions this image serves, removing or tampering with existing images on L&S computers is prohibited. Any L&S faculty or staff member who deliberately removes an image from an L&S PC assumes responsibility in the event of any software license non-compliance or security breach that occurs as a consequence of that action.


Developed in sustained collaboration with an array of campus IT experts, the “image” has been designed to protect your L&S computer from various forms of cyber attack and allows LSITO to:

  • Automate and rapidly deploy urgent security patches and updates to all College computers
  • Quickly and efficiently implement new security safeguards to protect against future threats
  • Ensure compliance with formal College software licensing requirements

In addition to the security benefits, the image also ensures that College computers are able to be supported by LSITO technicians and can make use of Campus-licensed software.


One of LSITO’s core goals is to ensure that the functional computing needs of L&S faculty and staff are effectively addressed. Accordingly, to accommodate College users with special needs which are not met by the standard version of the image, LSITO can create custom images for research labs or other specialized environments. If you have concerns about the capabilities of the current image or you’d like to discuss the possibility of a specialized image, please e-mail LSITO at ls_it@uwm.edu.