L&S Software Acquisition Policy

Software purchasing can be an intricate process involving obscure terminology and possible legal or financial obligations for you and the University. Accordingly, prospective purchasers should consult with technology purchasing consultants at LSITO who are familiar with these details, and who routinely consult with the UITS software office.

This page provides a general overview of the software purchasing process within UWM’s College of Letters and Science by covering purchasing & payment methods, available licensing options, and the software distribution process.

It is intended to supplement -- but does not replace or supersede -- the details available on the UITS software website. Please be sure to read each product’s description page carefully for any additional restrictions or requirements concerning your desired software. If you require software which isn’t listed, please contact the UITS software office at software@uwm.edu for further ordering options.

Purchasing & Payment

Consult with your unit’s business manager if you plan to buy a license from the UITS website with departmental funds. Please note that personal reimbursement is prohibited for any software purchases regardless of the intended use. For software purchases from UITS using other payment methods, or for questions regarding Personal Use licenses, please contact the LSITO technology purchasing consultants by submitting a Purchasing Support form.

Licensing Options

  • UWM-Owned licenses are available from the UITS website for current UWM employees and enable software installation onto one UWM-owned computer.
  • UWM Employee Home Use licenses are available from the UITS website for current UWM employees with an existing UWM-Owned license and enable software installation onto one additional personal computer; these two software copies may not be used simultaneously.
  • Personal Use licenses are available for purchase with employee funds and may not be installed onto UWM-owned computers. Information on academic discounts for individuals can be found on the UITS software website.
  • Work-At-Home licenses are available for specific Microsoft products; however, they differ from normal Personal Use licenses in that the software must be purchased using departmental funds and must be removed from an employee’s personal computer at the end of their UWM service.

In addition to these licensing options, L&S Administration has subsidized a variety of commonly-used software for L&S employees. Please keep in mind that although this software is completely funded by the College for UWM-owned PCs, it must still be ordered through the UITS software website for licensing and distribution purposes.

Software Distribution

After your software is purchased, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail and a support ticket will be automatically generated. For purchases made through the UITS site, software is now almost exclusively distributed over the UWM network; unless explicitly stated in the product description, employees will not be provided with installation media to ensure compliance with existing campus license agreements.

All support tickets concerning software purchased for UWM-owned computers will be assigned to a LSITO technician who will contact you to schedule a convenient time to install your software and answer any questions you may have.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about the College’s software purchasing process after reading this page, please don’t hesitate to contact LSITO via our Purchasing Support form.