L&S Technology Acquisition Policy

Existing system-wide policies, service agreements, and long-term campus implementation strategies can seem to complicate even the simplest technology purchasing decisions. This website presents the accepted procedure for technology purchases within the UWM College of Letters and Science and illuminates the role of purchasing consultants at LSITO who are ready to assist you in a variety of technology-related decisions.

Consultation Services

Following a careful consideration of your own needs, all prospective College technology purchases should include a brief conference with LSITO consultants. Please contact:

Though this guidance often takes the form of a simple e-mail exchange, the IT Office is also available for face-to-face discussions about L&S technology implementation involving:

  • Computer hardware, software, and peripherals (memory upgrades, add-on cards, webcams)
  • Network servers, storage, and connectivity equipment
  • Printers and scanners
  • Handheld computers (PDAs, smartphones, iPods)
  • Digital projectors and other mediated classroom equipment (e.g. document cameras, A/V equipment for podia)

These discussions are not intended to discourage input from the College’s many subject matter experts—on the contrary, successful consultation depends upon your advice to identify specific requirements and find solutions that work for you. LSITO’s continued involvement in the purchasing process allows them to help you navigate and benefit from existing purchasing agreements and ensure compliance with rules and standards established by the state, University, and College.

Purchasing & Payment

The College maintains a set of purchasing and payment standards that all L&S technology purchases must follow:

  • P-Cards: UWM purchase cards (P-cards) may not be used for any technology purchases.
  • Reimbursement: L&S faculty and staff who purchase technology products outside of the formal process outlined on this website will not be given reimbursement for purchases.
  • Contributing Personal Funds: The use of personal funds is generally not permitted for technology purchases, and any personal funds may not be combined with department or grant funds.

Specific questions about funding sources or compliance with College purchasing standards can be quickly answered by the LSITO technology purchasing consultants; please submit a Purchasing Support form or email the appropriate member of the L&S technology purchasing team:

Installation & Support

All L&S technology purchases will generate a support ticket which is automatically assigned to LSITO. When your product arrives, a technician will contact you to determine a convenient time to set up your hardware and answer any questions you may have.

For hardware support, please submit the Request Support form on the LSITO site. You can also contact LSITO directly by submitting a Purchasing Support form with your technology purchasing questions at any point in the purchasing process.