Cloud Storage Use Policy


PantherFILE is the UWM campus-provided and -supported web-accessible file storage service. PantherFILE may be used to store and to share college- or university-related documents or other materials.

For more information on PantherFILE use, space quotas, documentation, and training, see:

Cloud Services

To ensure information security, compliance with relevant legal requirements, and protection of intellectual property, Dropbox and similar "Cloud" services should not be used to store college- or university-related data that is restricted/confidential or proprietary in nature, unless their use for that purpose has received explicit university sanction. The purchase or use of any otherwise university-unsanctioned cloud services for the storage of university-related data requires the approval of UWM's Purchasing and Legal Affairs divisions.

For consultation on Research Data Management, please contact:

  • Dr. Kristin Briney, Data Services Librarian at UWM’s Golda Meir Library:

For UWM and UW System Guidelines, Policies & Standards on Information Security: