Computer Support

"Service First"

In keeping with the College’s commitment to providing the technology resources vital to teaching and learning, we offer our comprehensive purchasing consultation and desktop support services at no charge to L&S departments, units, and centers. Some of our services include:

  • General Computer Support

    • Computer Installation and Repair
    • Software Distribution and Support
    • Security Incident Response
    • Desktop and Network Printer Support
  • Technology Purchasing Consultation

    • Computer hardware, software, and peripherals
    • Network servers, storage, and connectivity equipment
    • Printers and scanners
    • Digital projectors and other mediated classroom equipment
    • Teleconferencing equipment
  • Networking and Storage

    • Data Security Assessment
    • Networked File Storage
    • Network Application Support

Helpful L&S support policies and information:

  • Request L&S Computer Support
  • L&S New PC Manual (386k PDF)
  • L&S Technology Acquisition Policy: An introduction to LSITO consultation services and an accompanying summary of the purchasing, ordering, and support process for all technology purchases.
  • L&S Software Acquisition Policy: An overview of the software acquisition process and an introduction to the licensing options and discounts available to all L&S employees through the UITS software website and other select third-party vendors.
  • L&S Computer Acquisition Policy: A brief summary of the computer acquisition process and introduction to the eligibility and payment guidelines surrounding the three established methods for computer purchases.