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    Help: Computer Name
    The computer's name is assigned by LSITO when the operating system is first installed. To find the name of your computer right click on "My Computer" either on the desktop or in the start menu. Select "Properties". Select the "Computer Name" tab in the window that pops up. You can then highlight what comes after the label for "Full computer name:" and paste it into the field on this web-form.

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  • Help: Classroom or Lab
    If you do not see the classroom or lab in the drop-down list, then it is probably maintained by UITS and not LSITO. In which case, you should contact UITS. Further instructions can be found on the UITS classroom support page.
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    Help: Related URL
    The web address related to the problem. Navigate to the site related to the issue. Click on the address bar at the top of your browser window. Hit the keys "ctrl" + "a" to select the entire url. Then hit "ctrl" + "c" to copy. Return to this form, and hit "ctrl" + "v" to paste the url into this field.
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    Select "yes" to request a change in network account status.
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