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For an in-depth guide, please read the L&S Welcome to Windows 7 manual. (2.15MB PDF)

Features & Training

The following links are provided as a resource to help you learn more about the features that make Windows 7 the most efficient Microsoft operating system yet.

  • New Features in Windows 7 - An introduction to the time-saving features and shortcuts included in Windows 7.
  • Windows 7 Application Compatibility - A list of common software and known compatibility problems with Windows 7.
  • Windows 7 Help & How-to - The official Microsoft Windows 7 website, which includes detailed descriptions and short videos of new Windows 7 features.
  • UITS Short Courses - Sign up to receive hands-on training with Windows 7 and Office 2010 from campus experts.
  • Welcome to Windows 7 (2.15MB PDF) - An L&S-specific introduction to Windows 7 which focuses on increasing efficiency through the effective use of new Windows features.