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Dalembert Photograph

Marta Flores and Bastien Craipain with Haitain poet and novelist Louis-Philippe Dalembert. March 5, 2012. Dalembert will return to UWM in Spring 2013 to teach three courses for the Department of French, Italian, and Comparative Literature.

Congratulations to Fall 2012 Graduates

  • Diana Cherone (Translation-Italian)
  • Erin Kunert (German)
  • Darina Pugacheva (Translation-French)

Congratulations to Summer 2012 Graduates

  • Bastien Craipain (French)
  • Marta Flores (Translation-French and French)
  • Katherine Iselin (Classical Greek)

Congratulations to Spring 2012 Graduates

  • Geneva Anderson (Translation-German)
  • Majlinda Dode (French)
  • Sarah Dupee (Translation-French)
  • Alison Ferrentino (Italian)
  • Jessica Hermanny (Translation-German and German)
  • Sheila Kruse (French)
  • Sara Lobner (French)
  • Angela Mace (Linguistics)
  • Timothy Miller (Comparative Literature and German)
  • Elizabeth Schroeder (Linguistics)
  • Delaney Wessel (German)

Congratulations to December 2011 Graduates

  • Debra Desmoulin (French)
  • Jamie Graczyk (French)
  • Mary Jorgensen (Comparative Literature)
  • Mohamed Masalkhi (Comparative Literature)
  • Graciela Montoya (Translation-Spanish)
  • Bara Omari (Linguistics)
  • Amanda Romanski (Translation-Spanish)

Monday, January 30th

Dîner Français

Dîner français to support the UWM Festival of Films in French (Festival runs February 3rd -12th, 2012, at UWM Union Theater)

Chez Jacques

1022 South First Street, Milwaukee
(near Allen-Bradley clock tower)

6 p.m. Social Hour, Cash Bar
7 p.m. Dinner with wine

For more information see event flyer and make reservations.

Wednesday, May 12, 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Last Spring Colloquim

Please join us for the final colloquium of the semester!

Presentations will be given by three MALLT Graduate Students:

Kris Knisely, “Still a Girl’s Game: Technology and Masculinity in the American Foreign Language Classroom”
Léa Cicchiello, “Celebration and Denial: The Poetry of Renée Vivien”
Priscilla Charrat, “The Legend of Saint Julian the Hospitaller” by Flaubert: The Sources of the Legend”

Location: Curtin Hall 321

Refreshments will be served!
All are welcome!

Congratulations to MALLT Graduates

May 2011 Graduates

  • Zafer Al Lababidi (Linguistics)
  • Melanie Anke (German)
  • John Bannen (Spanish)
  • Priscilla Charrat (French)
  • Sarah Fonseca (Translation-Spanish)
  • Mohammed Gallab (Linguistics and Comparative Literature)
  • Carine Graff (Translation-French and German)
  • Kris Knisely (French)
  • Laura Melbourne (Translation-Spanish)
  • Maciej Miaskowski (Linguistics and Translation-Polish)
  • Allison Reeve (MLIS/Spanish)
  • Zlatko Sadikovic (German)
  • Susan Schweigert (Translation-Spanish)

May, August, and December 2010 Graduates

  • Dola Algady (Linguistics)
  • Amy Albers (Translation-German)
  • Diana Anick (French)
  • Amy Bachar (Hebrew)
  • Hamssah Badrah (Linguistics)
  • Carolyn Barry (Spanish and Linguistics)
  • Richard Bina (Translation-German)
  • Lea Cicchiello (French)
  • Katharina Gerrits (Translation-German)
  • Mark Halmstad (Spanish)
  • Hyunjoo Han (Linguistics)
  • Cynthia Laborde (Translation-French)
  • Meghan McCallum (Translation-French)
  • Angie Mohns (Spanish)
  • Sarah Pressman (Spanish)
  • Ricardo Rocha (Comparative Literature)
  • Derek Schaefer (German)
  • Laura Schultz (Translation-Spanish)
  • Anne Schumacher (German)

MALLT Alumni News

Congratulations to MALLT students and alumni who have provided details of their recent accomplishments:

  • Anukware Selase Adzima (Spanish Translation May 2007) will begin the Ph.D. program in Translation Studies at SUNY-Binghamton in Fall 2008.
  • Andrés Aluma (MALLT candidate in Spanish Translation) completed field research for a Translation thesis thanks to a Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Graduate Student Travel Award for 2008.
  • Edmund Asare (MLIS & French Translation Aug 2007) is in his second year in Kent State's Translation Studies Ph.D. program with continued TA funding for the Translation Tools/Language Informatics track.
  • Aaron Cengiz (Spanish Translation Aug 2008) has accepted a teaching position for 2008-2009 in the Spanish Department at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.
  • Jennifer Flamboe (Spanish & Spanish Translation May 2007) has accepted a full-time position at Alverno College as an assistant professor in the World Languages department. Jennifer also works as a medical interpreter and coordinator of translation services at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.
  • Craig Hubbell (Spanish Translation Aug 2005) recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School and is working for the Wisconsin Association of School Boards.
  • Amanda Kinsel (Spanish Translation May 2008) has moved to Maryland and is currently searching for a job in the Baltimore/D.C. metropolitan area.
  • Brett Lipshutz (French May 2008) has accepted a position as coordinator of the French Language Center at the Alliance Française de Milwaukee.
  • Lindsey New (French Translation Aug 2007) was offered full funding to begin the Ph.D. program in French at the University of Texas in Fall 2008.
  • Laurel Radomski (German May 2008) has accepted a job with Columbus Catholic High School in Marshfield where she will be teaching all levels of German as well as Computer Applications.
  • Mónica Rodriguez (Spanish Translation Aug 2007) will begin doctoral studies in Translation at Kent State in Fall 2008.
  • Aurora Sambolín (Spanish Translation Dec 2006) will begin Ph.D. studies at the University of Manchester in Fall 2008.
  • David Summers (French Translation May 2006) completed his first year at Kent State and is currently working on his dissertation topic and redesigning a course for the fall semester.
  • Melanie Taylor (MALLT candidate in French) will spend the 2008-09 academic year at the Université Paris III Sorbonne-Nouvelle. In addition to taking courses in French literature, Melanie will be a Teaching Assistant in English. She will be the fourth MALLT student to participate in this teaching exchange.
  • Jing Zhai (Linguistics May 2008) has accepted a position as adjunct instructor at Marquette University teaching Chinese language, Chinese civilization, and Chinese literature in translation.