Actuarial Science

Actuaries are professionals who solve real-life financial problems involving future uncertainty by applying their knowledge of mathematics, probability and statistics, and risk theory. The future uncertainties are usually associated with life insurance, property and casualty insurance, annuities, pension or various employee benefits. Actuaries are also involved in determining the value of a company that is about to merge with another company, projecting Social Security benefits, designing new retirement programs and many other projects.

A Career in Actuarial Science

Consider becoming an actuary if you are interested in a career that offers:

  1. A good starting salary with a potential for excellent lifetime earnings,
  2. A chance to develop and apply your mathematical and analytical skills in a practical way,
  3. A choice of many directions to suit your talents and ambitions,
  4. An opportunity to be a leader.

Actuarial Science at UW-Milwaukee

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