Profiles of Mathematical Science Alumni

Peter A. McCoyt

Ph.D. 1971, UWM
Professor of Mathematics, United States Naval Academy
Professor of Mathematics

Jason Von Bergen


M.S. 2003, UWM
Advisor: Richard Stockbridge
Thesis: Modeling the Distribution of Future Margins of Disability Insurance Claims at Northwestern Mutual

Jason has been working at Northwestern Mutual since June 2003 as an actuary. His master's project in Industrial Mathematics was a problem from Northwestern Mutual, and the work led to his current position. While a masters student, he passed the first two actuarial exams and has since passed all but Course 8 under the 2000 exam system.

Jason became an ASA (Associate of the Society of Actuaries) in February of 2006. While at Northwestern Mutual, he has worked in Statutory Valuation setting reserve levels, Public Markets helping manage and hedge a portfolio of assets backing annuity products, and Corporate Modeling developing and using models to project financial results for the company. His next rotation will be to the Long Term Care product development team. He has also served as the intern coordinator for our summer intern program.

Yajni Warnapala-Yehiya

Ph.D. 1999, UWM
Advisor: Tzu-Chu Lin
Thesis: The Numerical Solutions of the Exterior Boundary Value Problems for Helmholtz Equation via Integral Equations Approach

Yajni Warnapala-Yehiya, who received her Ph.D. in the area of Applied Mathematics in May 1999 under the direction of Assoc. Prof. Tzu-Chu Lin, is now a tenured associate professor and Chair of the Department of Mathematics at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. Roger Williams Univ

Ahmed Zayed

Ph.D., 1979, UWM
Professor and Chair of the Department of Mathematical Sciences
DePaul University