Classic UWM Mathematical Lectures

Three classical lectures from the early 1970's which were recorded on 1/2" Video Reel EIAJ/Helical Scan and have been converted to M-JPEG H264 and put in .mov format.

Prof. Walter Rudin   Bio
"A Look at Some Old Theorems"

Prof. Mary E. Rudin   Bio
"Set theory and General Topology"

(Video has problem at the top and bottom of the screen, but the sound is good)

Prof. Jean Dieudonné   Bio
"The Historical Development of Algebraic Geometry" Mar.
3, 1972
(Video starts off bad and gets better as lecture continues)

The Marden Lectures

Prof. Saunders Mac Lane   Bio   February 2, 1989
"Mysteries and Marvels of Mathematics"
Prof. Jay Beder introduces Prof. Morris Marden (Bio) who introduces Prof. Saunders Mac Lane

Prof. Walter B. Rudin   Bio   April 6, 1990
Set Theory: An Offspring of Analysis
Prof. Jay Beder introduces Prof. Dattatraya J. Patil who introduces Prof. Walter Rudin