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Math 095, Essentials of Algebra, is a 3 credit hour, non-credit course designed to prepare students for further coursework in Algebra or related Mathematical topics at the collegiate level. Students who are not able to place into Math 105, Math 106 or Math 175, after taking the university's math placement test, are required to enroll in Math 095. Students who struggle significantly with the placement test may be better served enrolling in Math 090.

There are several types of Math 095 courses offered.

Course Topics

  • Solving linear equations in one variable.
  • Word problems involving linear equations in one variable.
  • Graphing linear equations in two variables.
  • Solving systems of linear equations in two variables.
  • Word problems involving systems of linear equations.
  • Rules of exponents operations involving polynomial expressions.
  • Factoring second-order and third-order polynomial expressions.
  • Solving quadratic equations by factoring.
  • Operations involving rational expressions.
  • Solving equations containing rational expressions.
  • Manipulating radicals and fractional exponents.
  • Solving radical equations.

Students who take Math 095 in a section using the ALEKS program must demonstrate mastery of at least 115 different problem types in the online course content in order to be at a C level of mastery. Students who meet this level of mastery or surpass it, along with meeting the work requirements for the course as explained in the ALEKS page of this website, are then eligible to move on to another math course at a higher level (105, 106, or 175). Students who do not master the minimum number of topics required for passing, and/or who do not meet the requirements for level of effort in the course, receive no better than a C-minus, making them ineligible to move on to their next required math course.

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