Basic Skills Tests for Math 095

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Sample Tests

Each test includes an answer key.

Test Guidelines and Information

  1. Basic Skills Testing Program requires MATH 095 students to pass tests in three areas (Arithmetic, Factoring, and Applications), with a score of 80% or better on each test, in order to receive a grade of C or better in the course. A grade of C in MATH 095 is the minimum grade required to move on to MATH 105, MATH 106, or MATH 175. (Those students attempting to move on to MATH 105 should be advised that performing at a B level or better in MATH 095 is necessary to be properly prepared for MATH 105.)
  2. Keep in mind that if you do not pass all three Basic Skills Tests with a score of 80% or better, the best grade you can get in the course is a C- – no matter what grade you might be earning otherwise. This grade is not sufficient to move on to the next math course.
  3. Each of the three Basic Skills Tests will be administered for the first time in the classroom. About one week before taking each Skills Test in class, you will receive a copy of the corresponding sample test so you may take it home and familiarize yourself with it. Usually one class period before taking each Basic Skills Test, your instructor will spend some time going over the practice test with you in class. Additional practice tests are available via your course ConnectMath site.
  4. You will be allowed twenty minutes to complete each Basic Skills Test given in the classroom.
  5. Instructors are responsible for grading all Basic Skills Tests their students take. Problems will be graded as “all or nothing.” The problem must be completely correct to receive credit. This means all of the work must be shown and be accurate as well as the answer being correct. In addition to needing to score at least 80% on the Skills Test to pass it, your instructor will also count each of your in-class Basic Skills Test scores as quiz grades in your final grade determination. NOTE: IF YOU ARE NOT PRESENT IN CLASS TO TAKE A SKILLS TEST, YOU WILL BE ASSIGNED A QUIZ SCORE OF ZERO FOR FINAL GRADE COMPUTATION PURPOSES AND WILL NEED TO GO TO THE TESTING CENTER TO TAKE THE TEST AND PROVE YOU CAN PASS IT.
  6. After grading the first version of each Basic Skills Test, s/he will give it back to you in class so you can see how you did. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TAKE THE TEST WITH YOU. After you have had a chance to look over your test, your instructor will collect all the tests from your class and keep them on file in her/his office.
  7. If you do not score 80% or better on an in-class Basic Skills Test, you must retake that test to prove you can pass it. Students can retake tests in the Testing Center in room NWQ 2461 [Spring 2013 schedule]. After each of the three Basic Skills Tests has been given in class, students who did not pass the in-class test will be given three weeks to retake similar versions of the test and pass with a grade of 80 percent.
  8. Your instructor will let you know of start and end dates of the retest period for each of your Basic Skills Test. (again, about a three-week window for each of the three Basic Skills tests). You will be expected to pass any Skills Test you need to retake during the corresponding retesting period. For each of the three tests, you will be given only one opportunity per day to retest, so don’t wait until the last few days of the retesting period to go to the Testing Center and make up the work! In addition, your first attempt at a retest must be taken within the first week of the retesting period. Failure to do so will require a meeting with the course coordinator.
  9. Before you will be allowed to retest, you will be required to produce a valid UWM student ID and give your instructor’s name and section number. This is for security purposes; to make sure the person taking the test is the person who is supposed to be taking the test. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RETAKE A TEST WITHOUT A VALID UWM STUDENT ID (DRIVER'S LICENSES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE) AND WITHOUT KNOWING YOUR INSTRUCTOR'S NAME AND SECTION NUMBER.

  10. If you fail the first attempt at retesting, you should see your instructor for help before attempting to retest again. You will not be allowed to retake any given test more than once per day unless your instructor personally arranges a second opportunity with the testing center proctor and receives approval from the course coordinator. This is designed to motivate you to see your instructor for help, but is also designed to keep you from “getting familiar with the test” as opposed to understanding the concepts you are being tested on.
  11. When you retake a test, the test proctor will go over the results with you and indicate any mistakes you made. The test will then be forwarded to your instructor, who will assign a numerical grade for the test. PROCTORS CANNOT TELL YOU WHETHER YOU HAVE PASSED THE TEST. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CONTACT YOUR INSTRUCTOR TO FIND OUT WHETHER YOU NEED TO RETAKE THE TEST AGAIN OR NOT. If you desire, you may find your instructor and ask her/him to come to the testing center to pick up the test. If the instructor does not come to get the test or is unavailable to do so, the test proctor, at the end of her/his shift, will forward the test to the instructor.
  12. You are expected to come in as early as possible during the retesting period to retake a test. This will ensure you plenty of time to go over a retest with your instructor if you don’t pass, and then try again. In the past, a student who waited until the end of the retesting period would only get one chance to retest as a result. To avoid this, you are now required to make a first attempt at a retest within the first week of the retesting period. Failure to do this will require a meeting with the course coordinator.
  13. The testing center in NWQ 4476 will seat very few students. In addition, the center will be dealing with all testing for the department (Math 095 Basic Skills Tests, Math 175 Skills Tests and Calculus Gateway Tests). It is likely the center will be full when you come in to retest so be sure you allow yourself time to wait or to come back later if needed. This is another reason to come in as early as possible during the retesting period.
  14. The Math 095 Testing Center will be open as of the end of the second week of classes.
  15. If you have additional questions about the Basic Skills Testing program, please feel free to contact Dr. Kelly Kohlmetz, the course coordinator.
    Office: EMS W401
    Office Phone: (414) 229-4469
    Questions about your progress in the course should be directed to your instructor.