Mathematical Sciences Placement Levels

Mathematical Sciences Placement Levels determine what courses you can take at the start of your academic career at UW-Milwaukee. Students who place well can test out of certain general education requirements or begin their studies at a higher level. A placement level can be achieved in several ways:

Mathematics Placement Levels And Placement Code

Math placement levels for placement in Math 095, 105, 116, 117, 175, 205, 211, 214, 225, 228, 231, 341, and Math Stat 215. Changes Effective September 2, 2014. The table below should be used to compute Math Placement Levels for all students testing on or after January 1, 2014.

Note: Credit for Math 211 by either the AP or IB exams is interpreted as a C or better in Math 211 in the following lists.

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