Mathematical Sciences Seminars

Mathematical Sciences conducts seminars in special topics each semester. Contact the faculty member in charge of each section for details and to enroll in a seminar.  For more information about seminars, and for dates and times, visit our Department calendar.

Fall 2014 Seminars

Topology Seminar (Math 799-001)
MW 2:00pm-3:15pm, EMS E208, Contact Chris Hruska

Student Topology Seminar (Math 799-002)
 F 11:30am-1:00pm, EMS E495, Contact Craig Guilbault

Applied & Computational Math Seminar (Math 799-003)

 R 1:00pm-1:50pm, EMS E495, Contact Peter Hinow

Algebra Seminar (Math 799-004)
T 2:00pm-2:50pm, EMS E408, Contact Yi Ming Zou

Analysis Semnar (Math 799-005)
R 1:00pm-1:50pm, EMS E408, Contact Lijing Sun

Numerical Analysis Seminar (Math 799-006)
F 3:30pm-5:00pm, EMS E424A, Contact Dexuan Xie

Probability Seminar (Math 799-007)
MW 3:30pm-4:45pm, EMS E424A, Contact Wei Wei

Statistics Seminar (Math 799-008)
 T 2:30pm-3:30pm, EMS E424A, Contact Jugal Ghorai