Graduate Student Financial Support

  • Graduate Teaching Assistants:
    Most students are supported as Teaching Assistants. These half-time teaching positions include a remission of all tuition and the opportunity for health insurance coverage. The TA stipend is negotiated by the Milwaukee Graduate Assistants Association (MGAA) and for the 2013-2014 academic year ranged from $11,721 to $16,431 depending on the degree program and progress toward the degree.
  • Chancellor's Fellowship Award:
    Applicants with excellent records are offered Chancellor's Fellowship Awards, ranging from $1000 to $7000 as supplements to their other support. These awards are renewable for several years, depending on satisfactory progress being made toward the degree. No application is necessary; every applicant is considered for these awards.
  • GAANN Fellowship:
    The department has several Graduate Assistants in Areas of National Need (GAANN) Fellowships available to support U.S. citizens or permanent residents. These fellowships provide full tuition, a 12-month stipend, health insurance, and a lighter teaching load than the standard Teaching Assistantships(typically one semester per year). GAANN Fellowships are renewable for up to five years.
  • Research/Project Assistantships:
    Some faculty members have support for research assistants or project assistants as part of their research funding. These positions pay a semester or academic year stipend, have remission of tuition and offer health insurance. The duties of the positions are determined by the faculty members. These faculty select who they want for their positions from among current students and admitted applicants. There is no application for these positions.
  • Graduate School Fellowship:
    Outstanding applicants may apply for a Graduate School Fellowship. This fellowship pays a 9-month stipend, remits all tuition, offers health insurance and does not require any teaching during the year. This fellowship is not renewable. The deadline for application is January 15 each year. General GRE scores are required.
  • Advanced Opportunity Program (AOP) Fellowships:
    These fellowships are available to qualified new and continuing graduate students who are members of groups underrepresented in graduate study or who are otherwise disadvantaged minority applicants. More information is available at the program website. Application deadline is typically January 15 each year.

Applying for Financial support:
Each prospective students who has completed all parts of the application process will automatically be considered for those forms of financial support for which he/she is qualified. Exceptions to that rule are the Graduate School and AOP Fellowship which require separate applications that may be obtained at the above links. As a courtesy, we ask that any applicant who does not wish to be considered for financial support inform the Graduate Program Coordinator with a brief email.


Support Decisions

Initial decisions on support are typically made in early- to mid-March, with numerous additional offers being made through the month of April depending on the response to early offers and the availability of funds. Student support is normally awarded on an academic year basis with contracts beginning in the Fall Semester. Support is sometimes available for a few students who wish to begin their studies in the Spring Semester.