Atmospheric Sciences Option

Entering graduate students should have a general background in both mathematics and physics; given the intrinsic multi-disciplinary nature of the atmospheric sciences, no specific undergraduate course work is required. However, applicants should have an adequate mathematical backgrouind that includes calculus, vector analysis, ordinary and partial differential equations, and linear algebra. Students lacking this background may be admitted provided that the deficiencies amount to no more than two courses.

The minimum degree requirement is 30 graduate credits, 12 of which must be in the atmospheric sciences 700 number sequence, 6 of which will be approved graduate elective credits, and 6 of which will be from either the mathematics sequences 521/522 or 601/602, or from two of the following courses: Math 703, Math 705, Math 801, and Atm Sci 750.

More information is available from the Atmospheric Sciences Group.

Complete information on admission policy and graduation requirements are available in the Graduate Bulletin (Mathematics).