2011 Mathematical Sciences Award Winners

2011 award winners
Front Row: Rolando Olivas Saunders, Peter Hinow, Loribeth Alvin, Jennifer Strauss, Jon Kahl, Jared Catenacci and Timothy Smart-Dumouchel. Back Row: Craig Guilbault, Lauren Williams, Jason Gaddis, Pamela Harris, Dawn Kopacz, Anne Bruckner, Steve Schwengels, and Gabriella Pinter


Three undergraduate students received Alice Siu-Fun Leung Awards at a ceremony held on May 13, 2011. The students were recognized on the basis of their academic record in mathematics and recommendations from the faculty. The 2011 Leung Awardees are Jennifer Strauss, Jared Catenacci, and Anne Bruckner. Alice Siu-Fun Leung earned a B.S. degree with a major in Mathematics from UWM in January, 1973. In her will, she donated funds to establish an award for outstanding UWM undergraduate students in Mathematical Sciences. 

leung awardees
Jennifer Strauss, Gabriella Pinter, Anne Bruckner, and Jared Catenacci


Loribeth Alvin was awarded a Morris and Miriam Marden Graduate Student Award at a ceremony held on May 13, 2011. This award goes to graduate students who present a paper judged by the Department to be of high quality with respect to both exposition and mathematical content, and Jennifer Strauss and Timothy Smart-Dumouchel were awarded a Morris and Miriam Marden Undergraduate Award at the same ceremony. This award goes to undergraduate students who present a paper judged by the Department to be of high quality with respect to both exposition and mathematical content.

Professor Morris Marden graduated from Harvard with a Ph.D. in Mathematics and came to Milwaukee in 1930 to take up teaching at one of UWM's predecessor institutions. He was instrumental in starting the graduate program at UWM. The Mathematical Sciences Department at UWM received the first Master's degree program and then the first Ph.D. program because of his hard work. Professor Marden received worldwide recognition for his research. Upon his retirement, he donated funds to establish student awards and a visiting lecture program.

marden awardees
Jennifer Strauss, Timothy Smart-Dumouchel, Peter Hinow, and Loribeth Alvin



Loribeth Alvin, Lauren Williams, and Molly Moran were awarded Earnst Schwandt Memorial Scholarships at a ceremony held on May 13, 2011. This scholarship award goes to Graduate Teaching Assistants in Mathematical Sciences who are judged to have outstanding teaching performance during the academic year.

This award comes from the Ernst Schwandt Memorial Fund. The fund honors Professor Ernst Schwandt, a former faculty member, who was keenly involved in the training of TAs as teachers.

schwandt award winners
Steve Schwengels, Loribeth Alvin, and Lauren Williams


On May 13, 2011, The Department of Mathematical Sciences was pleased to announce that Pamela Harris, Jason Gaddis and Dawn Kopacz were this year's winners of the Mark Lawrence Teply Award. Designed to recognize students who show remarkable potential in their research fields, the award is a memorial of Professor Teply's commitment to the graduate program as coordinator for over 18 years. This award is new to the department, and hoped to be given out each year to students who have a well defined research focus.

teply award winners

Jason Gaddis, Pamela Harris, Craig Guilbault, and Dawn Kopacz



Dawn Kopacz and Rolando Olivas Saunders were awarded Dhirendra Sikdar Memorial Scholarships at a ceremony held on May 13, 2011.  The primary purpose of the scholarship is to provide financial support to graduate students in the Masters or Doctoral program in Atmospheric Sciences.

The Dhirendra Sikdar Memorial Scholarship was established in 1989 to honor Professor Sikdar, a former UWM faculty member, who shared a keen interest in meteorology.

Dhirendra Sikdar award winners
Rolando Olivas Saunders, Jon Kahl, and Dawn Kopacz


Brock Burghardt, Bradley Wells and Joshua Verbeten were awarded Bill Carlsen Undergraduate Scholarships at a ceremony held on May 13, 2011.