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Masters Thesis Defense
Modeling The Population Of Wolves Over Time


Hans-Peter Steiner

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Wednesday, April 28, 2010, at 2pm in EMS E423

Nowadays, one can find more and more reports about projects where it is tried to reestablish species which are endangered. One of these projects was set up by the National Park service in the Yellowstone National Park in 1973. They stated to consider if there should be a wolf restoration in the park. 1980 the first plans for this reintroduction were settled. But it took up to 1995 until the first wolves were reintroduced in Yellowstone.

The goal of this master thesis is to provide a mathematical model, which describes the population change over time. One of the goals we are reaching for is to find a simple model which describes the change of the population fitting to the data we have from the annual reports from the National Park. In this Model we are taking birth, death, immigration and emigration into account. We aim to address questions like, what is the expected time until a pack dies out. How big is the expected total population of a pack until extinction? What is the population in a given year? Is it possible to find a distribution Function of the total population? Are we able to consider the steady state distribution of the population through the introduction of immigration into the model?


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