Jonathan Kahl


Office: EMS W435
Phone: (414) 229-3949
Curriculum Vitae

Educational Degrees

Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science, University of Michigan
M.S. in Atmospheric Science, University of Michigan
B.A. in Psychology, Universtiy of Michigan

Research Positions

Research Associate, Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Lab, NOAA, Boulder, CO, 1987-89
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Space Physics Research Lab, University of Michigan, 1987

Research Areas

  • Air pollution meteorology
  • Long-range atmospheric transport
  • Air trajectory modeling
  • Enhancing science education using technology

Selected Service, Projects, and Publications

  • Chair, Student Awards Committee
  • Instructor's Resource Manual/Test Bank for Meteorology Today, 9th Edition. (2008) Cengage Brooks/Cole Publicshing Co., Davis, CA, 441p.
  • The National Audubon Society First Field Guide to Weather, Scholastic Reference (1998)
  • Reflections on a large-lecture, introductory meteorology course: Goals, assessment and opportunities for improvement. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, (2008) 89(7), 1029-1034.
  • 20th century industrial black carbon emissions altered Arctic climate forcing. Science, (2007) 317, 1381-1384, With J.R. McConnell, P. Ross-Edwards, G.L. Kok, M.G. Flanner, C.S. Zener, E.S. Stalzman, J.R. Banta, D.R. Pasteris, and M. M. Carter
  • Determinación de partículas suspendidas totales durante cico cruceros de investigación en la plataforma continental del Golfo de Mexico. [Determination of total suspended particulates during five research cruisse in the contintal shelf of the Gulf of Mexico]. Ingenieria Investigacion y Technologia [Engineering Research ant Technology], (2007) 8(2), 71-83, with R. Sosa-Echeverría, H. Bravo-Alvarez, P. Sánchez-Alvarez, R. Soto-Ayalva, and A. Alarcón-Jiménez.