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Mathematics is the principal language of modern science and technology. In such diverse areas as physics, engineering, economics, computer science, and biology, much of the subject matter is presented in mathematical terms. In addition, mathematical techniques are now being used in many areas which formerly were non-mathematical; for example, history, political science, psychology, and medicine.

Some students are drawn to mathematics because of the beauty they find in its structure and logic, others because it allows a deeper understanding of an allied area of study.

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics

Information of the Budapest Semester program for UWM mathematics majors
    Deadline for Budapest Semester in Mathematics Scholarship:
              Fall 2014 ~ April 1, 2014
              Spring 2015 ~ October 15, 2014

Budapest Semester Program Scholarship:
     E. Paul and Jane Humke International Mathematics Scholarship awarded by the Department of
     Mathematical Sciences for a one-semester study in Budapest in the year 2014/15

New and Prospective Student Information

Major Course of Study

There are three curricular areas in the Department of Mathematical Sciences:

  • Atmospheric Science (ATM SCI);
  • Mathematics (MATH); and
  • Mathematical Statistics (MTHSTAT).

We offer five undergraduate degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science in
    • Mathematics;
    • Atmospheric Science; and
    • Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (AMCS);
  • Bachelor of Arts in
    • Mathematics; and
    • Actuarial Science
There are seven majors within the Department of Mathematical Sciences:
  • Mathematics
    • Specializations
      • Applied Mathematics
      • Computational Mathematics
      • Pure Mathematics
      • Statistics
  • Atmospheric Science
  • Actuarial Science
  • Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Undergraduate Program in Biology and Mathematics

Minor Courses of Study

  • Minors - Actuarial Science, Atmospheric Science, and Mathematics

Student Awards