Minors in the Mathematical Sciences Department

Actuarial Science Minor

Actuarial Science applies mathematical and statistical models to problems originating in insurance, risk management, finance, and economics. The Actuarial Science Minor provides essential coursework for these fields.

Students who successfully complete Math 231, 232, and 233 may apply for admission to the Actuarial Science Minor. To earn the minor, students must attain a 2.5 GPA in all courses attempted in the minor. The following four courses are required: Math 234 (Linear Algebra and Differential Equations), Math 311 (Theory of Interest), and MthStat 361 and 362 (Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I and II). Additionally, either BusAdm 450 (Intermediate Finance) or both Econ 301 and 302 (Intermediate Microeconomics and Intermediate Macroeconomics) is required, with a grade of B- or better in each course taken.

Atmospheric Science Minor

Atmospheric Science relates closely to other science fields from Geoscience to Physics to Biology. Students with an interest in natural processes, computational modeling, or the environment, choose an Atmospheric Science minor to supplement their studies in those fields.

To earn an Atmospheric Science Minor students must successfully complete Atmospheric Science 240 (Introduction to Meteorology) and 360 (Synoptic Meteorology I), and an additional 12 credits in Atmospheric Science courses numbered 300 or above. Successful completion means a 2.5 GPA in all courses attempted.

See also the Atmospheric Science minor page in the Undergraduate Handbook

Mathematics Minor

Students choose a Mathematics Minor for many reasons. Some supplement their studies in scientific field. Some want the opportunity to pursue mathematics in graduate school after receiving an undergraduate in arts or the humanities. And some earn a math minor through the study of a related field like Actuarial Science or Physics. Whatever your reasons, our undergraduate advisors can help you devise a plan that works with your major.

The Mathematics Minor can be earned by successfully completing Math 231, 232, 233 (a calculus sequence geared toward science, math, and engineering students) and 12 credits of upper division mathematics. In this case, successful completion means a GPA of at least 2.5 in all credits attempted for the minor. Upper division mathematics courses are 300-level and above, or Math 234, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations.

See also the Mathematics minor page in the Undergraduate Handbook