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The fundamental purpose of education is to put people in possession of their powers. - John Dewey
Jean Dubuffet, Cadeau d'Anniversaire (detail), 1964. Rosenberg Collection, UWM.

An interdisciplinary degree in the history of ideas

The College of Letters and Science Master's in Liberal Studies is designed for college graduates interested in an interdisciplinary master's degree. In the liberal arts tradition, the MLS emphasizes breadth of learning across disciplines, critical thinking, clear communication, and integration of knowledge. While strengthening each student's general education is the primary goal of the program, the degree also expands professional and career opportunities.

Hallmarks of the program include:
  • interdisciplinary areas of study
  • outstanding faculty
  • individualized advising
  • flexible timetable for meeting graduation requirements
  • scheduled coursework during late afternoons, evenings, or weekends.

The only degree of its kind in the state of Wisconsin, the MLS is based in the College of Letters and Science prestigious Center for 21st Century Studies and features small seminars led by distinguished graduate faculty.

Kristie Hamilton, Associate Professor of English, is Director of the Masters in Liberal Studies Program. For a biographical sketch of Professor Hamilton, please visit her biography page.