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LibrlSt 722: Special Topics in Contemporary Cultural Studies
Lane Hall, Professor, Department of English / 414-229-4511

Animals in Contemporary Culture

This seminar will draw upon a mixture of theoretical texts, movies, literature, and visual art to explore how animals are represented within contemporary Western culture, to look at institutions dedicated to such representation, and to try to see what this indicates about us.

We will reflect upon these issues through creative production, discussion, presentation, reading, and writing.

We will also reflect more broadly upon the role of nature within culture, especially as mediated through film, narrative, visual art, and institutional spaces whose focus is the animal.

Preliminary List of Texts:

  • Steve Baker, Postmodern Animal (Reaktion Books: Essays in Art and Culture)
  • Mullan/Marvin, Zoo Culture
  • Jonathen Burt, Animals in Film (Reaktion Books)
  • Jennifer Price, Flight Maps: Adventures with Nature in Modern America
  • Assorted reading on e-reserve and D2L

Preliminary List of Films (via Video and DVD):

  • The Making of Bambi, Walt Disney
  • Science Is Fiction, the Films of Jean Painleve [exerpts]
  • Gates of Heaven, Errol Morris
  • Motion Studies, Eadward Muybridge [Dover]
  • Grizzly Man, Werner Herzog
  • Mothlight, Stan Brakhage
  • A Zed and two Noughts, Peter Greenaway [exerpts]
  • Jaws, Steven Spielberg
  • Starship Troopers, Peter Verhoeven

Thursday, 6-8:40pm
Location TBA