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LibrlSt 722: Special Topics in Contemporary Cultural Studies
Lane Hall, Professor, Department of Visual Art, Peck School of the Arts
Max Yela, Head, Special Collections, UWM Libraries

Books, Culture, and Change

This team-taught seminar, the first offered by the MLS program, will examine the historical and contemporary role of books and libraries as predominant vehicles for information storage and dissemination, and as irresistible engines of socio-cultural transformation.

The seminar will look at the form, function, and cultural meaning of books, and contextualize their development by reflecting upon related technologies of manuscripts, printing, photography, and the digital realm. The interface of book technologies with dramatic shifts in the development of Western culture will be explored. Issues of obsolescence, technological displacement, interface, and the current status of the book will be addressed. Participants will employ scholarly, historical, literary, and artistic approaches to the subject matter, and the course will also involve some amount of hands-on production related directly to a deeper understanding of the book.

Lane Hall is currently Director of Graduate Studies within the Visual Art Department, and is a book and new-media artist.

Max Yela is Head of Special Collections at the UWM Libraries, and is currently focusing his research on artist's books and the social meaning of books in Western culture.

Wednesday, 6:30-9:10pm
Golda Meir Library 474