Program of Study

Degree Requirements

Over the course of two calendar years (6 semesters), students must complete the 44 credits required for the MSP, which include 20 credits of core coursework; 12 credits of fieldwork; and 12 credits of approved elective coursework. Students prepare and submit a Plan of Study, approved by the MSP Coordinator and MSP Director by the end of Year 1, though approved changes can be made during Year 2. The final requirement for graduation is the student's Final Paper and Portfolio, which must be presented to the student's committee and submitted in final draft form by the end of the summer session during Year 2.

In addition to coursework, students are expected to engage in professional development activities, including networking; conducting informational interviews; attending professional conferences; or participating in the Milwaukee community through service learning, volunteering, etc.

Curriculum and Schedule

The two-year program, including core coursework; electives; and fieldwork is outlined below. Students must begin in Fall semester and remain enrolled full-time throughout the program. More information on the MSP core courses can be found under the "courses" tab.


1-22-15 curriculum matrix